This week I’ve been talking to Lilo Abernathy, who’s had tremendous success with her debut Paranormal Detective thriller The Light Who Shines. Here’s what she had to say…

Hi Lilo, please introduce yourself.

Greetings from the Smoky Mountains in North Carolina! Thank you for inviting me Rick. My name is Lilo Abernathy and I’m a newish author in the Speculative Fiction arena. During the day I masquerade as a Mergers and Acquisitions consultant, but at night I’m all about magic, evil-doers, heroes, and heroines.

Tell us about The Light Who Shines

The Light Who ShinesInspector Bluebell Kildare (a.k.a. Blue) arrives at the scene of the crime, where it’s obvious the grotesquely damaged body of the deceased teenage boy was caused by far more than a simple hit and run. Following the trail of the killer, Blue encounters magical artefacts, a mysterious wolf, a dangerous villain, and love . . .

I’ve been stalking your book since you published it, and it looks like it’s done great?

I am thrilled that The Light Who Shines has been so well received by both readers and top industry reviewers. But the biggest news recently is it landed a coveted position as the Sci-Fi/Fantasy pick for an Amazon Kindle Daily Deal, and rose to #47 on their overall Best Seller list.

Congratulations! How did the book come about?

This book is really the brainchild of my desire to positively impact the world. Interwoven within the story are some deeper aspects that begin to explore the nature of good and evil. The main societal conflict present in this world is prejudice and hate, and it is in fact the primary underlying theme for the book. While the typical prejudices we see in our reality don’t exist in this world, I’ve flipped the lens of prejudice to focus on the three different breeds of humans who have a bloody history and much lingering hate. The characters are forced to deal with the prejudices that permeate their society on both a professional and a personal level, in an environment where hate still seems on the knife’s edge of destroying their dearly bought peace.

The entire series will continue along with this theme, but I have future series in mind that will cover other significant social issues. My goal is to embed these issues in fun stories, making the topics palatable and more reachable for readers.

What do you make of the online Author community? Has it helped?

I must say that since publishing I’ve found the author community to be tremendously supportive. I never dreamed this whole author society even existed, let alone how wonderful everyone would be. Unlike most industries it seems that while a competitive spirit exists, even your competitors cheer you on when you succeed. Helping others appears to be the rule rather than the exception.

What is your biggest lesson learned? What would you say to anyone else trying to get some traction in the industry?

If I were to give one single piece of advice to authors trying to advance in this business it would be to focus on producing a high quality product. That means hiring an editor and proofer, as well as a custom book cover designer, just to start. It requires investment but readers know and appreciate the difference.

Thanks Lilo!

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