This week I caught up with Brandt Legg, Best-Selling Thriller Author…

Hi Brandt. Now, you’re an interesting guy and I love your books. I’m guessing you have some history?
Thanks for having me, Rick. My first trilogy, the Inner Movement, is a fantasy thriller, my most recent series, the Cosega Sequence, is a techno thriller, and I’m currently writing a multi-book dystopian thriller . . . I’m a thriller writer. Prior to that, I made and lost millions as a teen, and did time in prison. I like to think the mistakes I’ve made were all to get material for my novels.

I’m half way through the Cosega Sequence right now. For those that are finding you for the first time, what’s it all about?


Cosega Sequence Triple Cover Shot

I’ve just released three books in the past few weeks: Cosega Search, Cosega Storm and Cosega Shift. The three books make up the complete Cosega Sequence series, which follows Ripley Gaines, a brilliant archaeologist, after his discovery of a shocking artifact. His find rewrites human history and promises to change the planet’s future. It has to be suppressed.
Cosega Search
Having discovered with my last series that many people won’t start reading until all the books in a trilogy are out, I waited and released them together. All three books feature Gaines and Gale Asher, a female reporter, on the run, while trying to figure out just what they have. The most powerful forces in the world align against him, and a deadly competition for the artifact ensues.

Your last trilogy, The Inner Movement, created quite a buzz?
I was fortunate when The Inner Movement box set was selected by amazon to be a Kindle Daily Deal and sold thousands of copies that day. The biggest success came after I put Outview, the first book in the series, on perma-free. More than 100,000 copies have been downloaded and worldwide sales of the subsequent books in the series have benefited significantly with ten of thousands of sales/downloads. I think all indie authors should utilize the technique.

So what turns you on about writing, and how does your process happen?
I’m lucky in that I love writing and also enjoy the marketing aspects. The best tip I could offer for writing is to set goals and deadlines. If you want to be successful, be professional. If you want to earn a living as a writer, treat it like a job. I set word-count objectives and publishing deadlines, and don’t allow myself to miss them. My best advice for marketing is that if you don’t advertise, your book will not sell. Ask other successful writers what promotions have worked and then do them. Perhaps the biggest reason a decent book fails is the cover. Get a variety of honest opinions about your cover before you publish.

So, what’s in Brandt Legg’s literary future?
I wanted to be a writer for twenty years before I was able to finally do it. I’m not turning back now. There has been interest from Hollywood in the Inner Movement trilogy and I hope to see my books made into movies. In 2015 I’ll be releasing a new three book series of dystopian thrillers and I have two nonfiction projects in the works. There has never been a better time to be a writer, mostly because of amazon. They have opened up the world and allowed me to potentially reach millions of readers. The most humbling part of the whole process is regularly hearing from people from around the globe who have enjoyed my books. I can be a fulltime writer because of the opportunities amazon has created.

If you had to give one solid piece of advice to new authors, what would it be?
Publish at least two books and give the first one away. And remember, write every day. Nothing happens without writing.

Amen to That! So how do people connect with you?
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