So, it’s been another amazing year for Indies, and hopefully you all made some money with your books. Here are some of the things I hope will happen in the coming year…

1. Dear Amazon: Please hunt down and eliminate the Kindle Unlimited scammers who are pushing 25-page freelancer-written pamphlets masquerading as books and clogging up all the search categories. You invented KU: if you don’t curate it, you’re gonna see an exodus of serious authors next year.

2. Dear European Union: please re-think the latest e-book VAT abomination that is gonna squeeze indie authors by 17% next year. Either that, or make it parity with printed books so the Big 5 Publishers use their muscle to go to town on your ass.

3. Dear Adobe: Please get together with Microsoft and Apple and fix that PDF page-size glitch so I don’t have to run Parallel versions of Word on my Mac to generate print ready files for Createspace. Isn’t it about time you played nice? We pay enough for your products!

4. Dear Facebook: Please rethink your “More than 20% Text” restriction on adverts. How on earth can we use Book Cover shots in our ads (we’re freaking Authors)? Here’s the thing: IT’S A BOOK COVER – OF COURSE IT’S GOT TEXT ON IT!

5. Dear Twitter: Please let me turn off e-mail alerts; I’m clogged up with hundreds of pointless mails every day. I’ve got your freaking App for that! (by the way, I found the button just after I wrote this, so please don;t start telling me how stupid I AM!!!

6. Dear LinkedIn: stop sending me e-mail Group Alerts then making me log in every time I click through on my iPad. For such smart people, that really is ultra-dumb.

7. Dear Uber: please stop making me download a new version of your App every time I’m standing in a pub car-park in the rain, trying to get a cab home. On Edge.

That should do for now. By the way, if anyone out there has a fix for any of the above, please let me know. Otherwise, Happy Holidays!