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Meet The Hottest Indies: This Week – Mark Watson


This week I’ve been talking to Mark Watson, author of this year’s Must-Have Christmas Children’s Book Milo & Ze…

Mark, in March of this year, nobody had heard of you. Now it’s impossible not to hear about you in the Self-Publishing world. How did you do it?
Hard work is the real key. When Pablo and I finished “The Shark in the Park” we knew we had something original and special. We both thought that was enough to sell books but the reality turned out to be different. The harder you advertise and market your book the more sales you get. It’s a steep learning curve and to ride that rollercoaster you have to buy a ticket, there are no shortcuts. We actually finished the book in October 2013, but we realized we hadn’t paid enough attention to how the book would actually work on different page and screen sizes.  more

16 Golden Rules for Independent Authors

  • Quality Matters: Whatever you write, and whoever you’re writing for, it’s important that you never publish anything that attracts criticism on grounds of quality. Edit, edit, then edit again. If you don’t, you will get hammered in the Reviews.
  • Value: You’ll often hear from writing gurus that “less is more” in non-fiction. This may work for some people, but it doesn’t work for most. Potential buyers can see the number of pages on your Amazon Sales Page, and frankly anything under 100 pages is short-changing the customer unless you’re permanently at $0.99, and permanently broke!


Why Amazon is the new Traffic Magnet for Consultants and Experts…


With Adwords burning cash faster than a crack habit, and Facebook promising far more than it ever delivers, smart freelancers are increasingly turning to Amazon as a relatively untapped source of qualified business web traffic.

This summer I’ve been working with a group of Public Speakers, all of who have a story to tell, and all of who have clearly understood the impact on their business of ‘having a book’. Publishing a book on your specialist subject elevates your credibility more