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Meet the Hottest Indies: This Week – Cathy Wilson


My guest this week is Cathy Wilson, the prolific Canadian self-published Author. Cathy’s one of the most active and vocal Indies. Here’s her outspoken and informative take on the business…

Hi Cathy! Tell us about you?

Hi! I’m Cathy Wilson, single mom of six, and passionate self-published author. I write all my books, blogging, and website material myself. Health and wellness is my focused area of expertise. Currently I’m building my gynormous Book Empire Mountain, using Amazon as my main launch pad for now. I’m the REAL deal!

I know you’re always pushing out something new, so what’s your latest book?

CW Real Food Padded

Real Food Diet – Easy Healthy Eating http://amzn.com/B00QISI3N4 more

My Christmas Self-Publishing Wishlist


So, it’s been another amazing year for Indies, and hopefully you all made some money with your books. Here are some of the things I hope will happen in the coming year…

1. Dear Amazon: Please hunt down and eliminate the Kindle Unlimited scammers who are pushing 25-page freelancer-written pamphlets masquerading as books and clogging up all the search categories. You invented KU: if you don’t curate it, you’re gonna see an exodus of serious authors next year.

2. Dear European Union: please re-think the latest e-book VAT abomination that is gonna squeeze indie authors by 17% next year. Either that, or make it parity with printed books so the Big 5 Publishers use their muscle to go to town on your ass.

3. Dear Adobe: Please get together with Microsoft and Apple and fix that PDF page-size glitch so I don’t have to run Parallel versions of Word on my Mac to generate print ready files for Createspace. Isn’t it about time you played nice? We pay enough for your products! more

Meet The Hottest Indies: This Week – Brandt Legg


This week I caught up with Brandt Legg, Best-Selling Thriller Author…

Hi Brandt. Now, you’re an interesting guy and I love your books. I’m guessing you have some history?
Thanks for having me, Rick. My first trilogy, the Inner Movement, is a fantasy thriller, my most recent series, the Cosega Sequence, is a techno thriller, and I’m currently writing a multi-book dystopian thriller . . . I’m a thriller writer. Prior to that, I made and lost millions as a teen, and did time in prison. I like to think the mistakes I’ve made were all to get material for my novels.

I’m half way through the Cosega Sequence right now. For those that are finding you for the first time, what’s it all about?


Cosega Sequence Triple Cover Shot more